A Different Kind Of Mommy is all about my experiences in motherhood and life in general.
I’m a young, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl. I also have a wonderful husband who works his tail off, and a sweet (but not too bright)Pit Bull.
Without any family close by, being a parent is a lot of learning as I go, and seeking advice from books and websites. Maybe that will make it a little harder, but no matter what, it’s worth it.
I created this in order to document my life as a mother, and if even one person out there is able to benefit from my experiences, I’ll be glad that I was able to help someone.
If anyone has any questions for me, or if they have a topic they want me to address, just get ahold of me and a will get back to you as soon as I can! You can leave a comment in the feedback section, or email me at small_town_livin12@yahoo.com, with the subject being “A Different Kind of Mommy”.


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